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Is your low sex drive due to hormonal imbalance?

Not sure if your low sex drive is due to hormonal changes or because of your relationship, kids, stress, etc.? If you have had a healthy appetite for intimacy for the most part and all of a sudden you dread sex, there is definitely something wrong.

Almost every couple goes through “dry spells” when it comes to physical intimacy but if yours is lasting more than what you are used to, then it’s time to pay attention to sort things out. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does sex hurt?
  • Do I feel more dry “down there”?
  • Do I ever see a tinge of blood when wiping myself after intercourse?
  • Am I too hot to be real close to my partner (i.e. hot flashes and night sweats)?
  • Overall, am I happy with my relationship but still dread the bedroom scene?
  • Have I been skipping my periods? (hint: always keep a record)
  • Is my stress level about the same as before yet I am not interested in sex?

If you have answered “yes” to 2 or more of these questions, chances are you may be facing a hormonal challenge. The changes in your hormones could be temporary or they could be long lasting. Keep track of your periods. Use an App such as Period Tracker Lite on your smartphone for more accurate record keeping.

If your low libido continues on you may want to seek professional help. A simple blood or saliva test can determine your hormone levels. Testosterone, Estrogen and DHEA all play important roles in your desire for sex and if low, supplementation may address the issue.

Changes in your hormones can definitely cause vaginal dryness. There are lots of options to help you with painful intercourse. You may want to try a non-hormonal vaginal moisturizer, vitamin E oil, or lubricant to help with intercourse. We will discuss some of the alternative therapies for vaginal dryness in our next blog.

Sharzad Green, Pharm.D.

I am a pharmacist specializing in women's health. With over 20 years of experience in the area of Bio-identical hormone therapy for men and women, I am an advocate for those who seek alternatives to pharmaceuticals. I am the formulator of the all natural vaginal moisturizer, FabuVag® I have lived in Arizona since 1984 and love to be creative, read, play and cook.

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